Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lonely Nowellz!!!!!!! boring being all alone at home..
Wish my brother nowen come home from school
ASAP so life won't be that boring....hehe

Yippiee....what a suprise.....bro nowen olredi home...
Nurul is here too...plz taKE a pic the three of us mommy..

The view from up the hill classroom.Fresh air....nothing
beats a relax n fresh mind in the early morning...a misty
morning view...

Our classroom on top of the hill.Really jogging every
morning to go to these four classroom.If class early morning
still ok but if already afternoon... sweating abis naik bukit ooo...but the view
very breathtaking......

These are the twins in my Year 1 Maths class.Jackleey n Jackleen.
A bit talkative n one thing 4 sure they dont like to sit together...I tot twins always like to sit


FJL said...

len suda muka dia kan Val, nda brapa udah mcm owen, and betambah chubby tul, mo ja kena cubit tu pp.
and yr school big juga kan, cantik tul pmandangan nun jauh d sana..hehe

nd said...

muka nowell u tink cam sapa sdh flo?...ya makin chubby nda lama lg mau put dia dlm bb walker sdh....ya flo my school mimang best view dia waktu pagi...apa lg if sambil drink hot coffee di korridor ...hehe 2 pn if time GB nda p round2 up the hill class lah.

FJL said...

berabut face dia val, ada muka chali n muka u. tapi yg yg u 1 family snap mcm muka chali I c..
Kin ilang stres mo c de views hari2 kan..if time bujang sure, romantic ja feelings haha